About us

Protein oils and flours, skimmed, vegetable, natural obtained by cold pressing "Lacrima de Aur".

SC "Aliment-Ulei" SRL is registered in 1998, founded by Papuc Valeriu Vasile and members of his family in Pirita village, Dubasari district, Republic of Moldova.

For outstanding merit of his company in the development of the national economy Papuc Valeriu in 2010 received the Order "Gloria Muncii". Good and natural things along the way are appreciated by its decisions by the Consiliul Raional Dubasari, the Ministerul Agriculturii and Industriei Alimentare and the Mitropolia Moldovei.

The main purpose of the activity SC "Aliment-Ulei" SRL led by Papuc Valeriu is to obtain a natural remedy and a functional and healthy food from seeds, fruits, nuts, germs grown in the ecological area of the Nistru River.

Plants have come to life in the form of extra virgin oils and protein flours, skimmed in a very rigorous way using unique technologies and standards within the enterprise, elaborated and implemented, machinery and equipment, dryers and cutting and selection machines, which implies the exclusion of the process of alteration of the raw material subject to pressing such as frying, heating or chemical treatment, as a result we obtain food rich in bioactive substances (minerals , vitamins, proteins, fibers, unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, chlorophyll, etc.), consuming them daily contributes to the maintenance, enrichment and beauty of the human body.

The first line in the Republic of Moldova for the manufacture and promotion of protein oils and flours, skimmed by cold pressing, was founded by SC "Aliment-Ulei" SRL.

Through cold pressing technology, we manufacture a wide range of "Lacrima de Aur" products:

  • Dietary supplement. Pumpkin seed oil;
  • Supliment alimentar. Ulei din seminte de dovleac;
  • Oil from milk thistle seeds;
  • Dietary supplement. Flaxseed oil;
  • Sunflower seed oil;
  • Cattle fruit oil;
  • Nut kernel oil;
  • Corn germ oil;
  • Oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids;
  • Protein flours, skimmed from the dog, grapes, pumpkin, in and milk thistle.

Oils and flours, manufactured and promoted by SC "Aliment-Ulei" SRL, are of outstanding quality, certified, appreciated and approved primarily by our loyal customers and consumers, who will be with us at the moment and in the future.